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Schooling Show 4/22/23






About the Show

We can put any incetives or anything else here:

  • High point TB wins a rosette and SREC Cheese Board

  • High point Fjord horse wins a rosette and SREC Pitcher

  • High point in show wins sash

Points for this show count towards ECRDA & ESCTA

Frank Tomasello will be selling cocktails and hot dogs and telling dad jokes throughout the show!

Your Judge

Nicole Skeehan

Nicole is actually a dog trainer. But she's really good at judging people. So obviously we thought she was a natural fit to judge this show.

Nicole has no real horse show experience outside of riding Hilde for the last 5 years.

How badly could this go?

Honestly, she's accomplished things, we swear! Read more about Nicole here on her website.

Nicole Skeehan
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