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Saddlebrook Score & School




Nov 8, 2023

About the Clinic

The Saddlebrook Ridge Score & School Series (SSSS) offers a unique opportunity to earn scores from both ECRDA and ECSJ on your USDF test of choice, get immediate feedback from rated judges, and dabble in the world of dressage showing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The SSSS is equal parts show and clinic.  To begin, you'll ride the test of your choice in front of a rated judge.  As the scores are tabulated, the judge steps into the ring as a clinician. During your 25-35 minute session with the judge, you'll get a chance to ask questions, perfect parts of the test the judge feels would benefit from more practice or a different approach, or school movements that you are struggling with. 

  • There is a limit of 10 rides per day.

  • Auditing the event is free.

  • Light refreshments will be served.


  • Special edition rosette for places 1-6 for each class.

  • Special edition rosette for high point team of the day.

  • Points for the test ridden count towards ECRDA & ECSJ

  • Points count towards Saddlebrook Ridge High Point Year End Award.

Your Judge

Eileen Keller

Eileen Keller

Eileen has over 30 years riding experience, 23 of those being dedicated to dressage. Never having the opportunity to purchase a trained horse, she has found success on a wide variety of breeds and specialized in the development of young, green, or difficult horses.

A USDF “L” Graduate, Eileen earned her USDF Bronze Medal on her very first horse, a hot, difficult Swedish Warmblood mare that could easily have been a disastrous partner for a young, inexperienced teenager. She is currently half-way to the USDF Silver Medal on her self-trained homebred mare, and she is also bringing an 17hh Shire/TB up the levels.

Because of her background with diverse breeds, Eileen is uniquely adept at improving all horses despite conformational challenges or performance limitations. Her approach emphasizes correct, unforced horse & rider biomechanics with the goal of enhancing physical and mental wellbeing, and creating harmonious and willing partnerships.

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