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Ride Times 8.23.23

This clinic will be held in the Saddlebrook Ridge Equestrian Center's indoor arena.  Warm-up will take place in the outdoor arena/grass field. 

All ride times and locations are approximate and subject to change based on multiple factors throughout the day.

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Ride Times

Ride Time
Test of Choice
Rider's Name
Horse's Name
4:40 PM
1st Level Musical Freestyle
Melissa Tomasello
The Big Twinkie
4:00 PM
Third Level: Test 3
Samantha Hodgeson
3:20 PM
Introductory: Test C
Adrienne Dalessio
Go With The Flow
2:25 PM
Training Level: Test 1
Megan Offerman
Sailor's Warning
1:45 PM
Training Level: Test 2
Roslyn McGivney
Jorick Fan't Zand
1:05 PM
Intro Level: Test A
Katherine Krassan
11:40 AM
1st Level Musical Freestyle
Samantha Hodgeson
Jorick Fan't Zand
11:00 AM
Training Level: Test 2
Ella Berry
Sugar Rush
10:20 AM
1st Level Musical Freestyle
Emily Amon
9:25 AM
1st Level Musical Freestyle
Nicole Skeehan
DC Bayshore Hildegard
8:45 AM
2nd Level: Test 3
Christina Capensescu


For day of event or registration questions, please contact Melissa Tomasello


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